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HSI Media and Press Archive 2009      


media releases - 2009 archives

If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email admin@hsi.org.au.

commentary available on whaling and shark nets over christmas

December 22, 2009.  Click here

environment minister fails to protect our sharks

December 21, 2009.  Click here

developers beware - hsi secures upgraded protection for western sydney's dwindling cumberland plain woodlands

December 15, 2009.  Click here

forest management threatens to undermine climate agreement

December 8, 2009. Click here.

HIGH hopes for forests may be shattered in Copenhagen.

December 7, 2009. Click here.

expert commentary available on forest deal in copenhagen

December 3, 2009. Click here.

protection still needed for grey nurse sharks

November 27, 2009. Click here.

green carbon gains in cprs welcomed

November 25, 2009. Click here.

HSI SUPPORTS government's proposal to allow farmers to generate carbon credits

November 16, 2009. Click here.

HSI wins campaign of the year award

November 12, 2009. Click here.

REDD forest agreement hits new low, missing basic elements

November 9, 2009. Click here.

Consumers call for reform of food labelling

November 9, 2009. Click here.

EU sets back forest negotiations, threatens copenhagen deal

November 2, 2009. Click here.

copenhagen treaty threatens to subsidise forest destruction

October 29, 2009. Click here.

another season of animal cruelty begins today

October 28, 2009. Click here.

tuna and albatross catches still too high

October 27, 2009. Click here.

Australia fails to commit to shark conservation

October 22, 2009. Click here.

ministers trade in our parks for votes in parliament

October 21, 2009. Click here.

eu blocks protection of natural forests at bangkok climate talks

October 9, 2009. Click here.

conservation group calls for green carbon amendments to cprs

October 7, 2009. Click here.

redd takes a turn for the worse

October 6, 2009. Click here.

crocodile safari hunting dead in the water

October 2, 2009. Click here.


October 2, 2009. Click here.

Bangkok last chance to preserve forests in climate agreement

September 28, 2009. Click here.

international expert calls on Australia to lead on climate and forests

September 24, 2009. Click here.

WETLAND International reveals confidential report on Indonesian peatland loss

September 23, 2009. Click here.

HSI presents EXTINCTION DENIED at The ArtHouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street, Sydney from

14th September to 10th October 2009

September 8, 2009. Click here.

garrett signs off on the destruction of Barrow Island - ignoring expert advice that it should have been assessed for the National Heritage List

August 26, 2009. Click here.


August 25, 2009. Click here.

HSI launches national consumer survey on food labelling

August 21, 2009. Click here.


August 11, 2009. Click here.

NSW sanctions animal cruelty

August 10, 2009. Click here.

increasing links between swine flu and intensive piggeries

August 7, 2009. Click here.

HSI must hold firm against shooters after zoo sale of endangered species to hunter

August 6, 2009. Click here.

jamie oliver exposes pig farm cruelty - australian pig farms worse

August 6, 2009. Click here.

conservation group supports turnbull on green carbon

July 31, 2009. Click here.

delays in review while nsw government works to condone cruelty

July 14, 2009. Click here.

hsi addresses international whaling commission

June 25, 2009. Click here.

a third of whales killed are pregnant in japan antarctic hunt
June 23, 2009. Click here.

hsi calls for whale protection as worldwide meeting convenes

June 22, 2009. Click here.

shooters seek to open up national parks to hunting

June 22, 2009. Click here.

jumps racing kills again

June 22, 2009. Click here.

hsi's opening statement at whaling commission

June 22, 2009. Click here.

hsi team at the international whaling commission

June 19, 2009. Click here.

experts fly in to defend Fraser Island dingoes

June 19, 2009. Click here.

HSI rejects Australian Governments' 10 year strategy for biodiversity conservation

June 5, 2009 World Environment Day. Click here.

pork industry executive charged with animal cruelty

June 2, 2009. Click here.

immediate action required to rescue the christmas island pipistrelle

May 29, 2009. Click here.


May 21, 2009. Click here.

HSI congratulates garrett on Coral Sea Conservation Zone

May 19, 2009. Click here.

further rainforest clearing by asia pulp and paper threatens sumatra's endangered species and contributes to climate change

May 7, 2009. Click here.

canadian parliament asks olympic team to wear seal skin in protest against eu seal product ban

May 7, 2009. Click here.

european union makes history by banning trade in seal products

May 6, 2009. Click here.

Poaching fears force suspension of Thai elephant exports

April 30, 2009. Click here.

croc safari plan - unnecessary and inhumane

April 17, 2009. Click here.

forests must be included in global climate deal

April 1, 2009. Click here.

Shark meshing fiasco

March 27, 2009. Click here.

Springborg promises to bring back animal cruelty

March 18, 2009. Click here.

NSW Government licenses extreme animal cruelty

March 18, 2009. Click here.

UN body accuses Australia of hiding emissions from forestry and land use change

March 10, 2009. Click here.

mega development threatens endangered ella bay marine turtles

March 9, 2009. Click here. 

Industry body sabotages consumer confidence in free-range produce

March 6, 2009. Click here.

Sharks under attack

March 2, 2009. Click here.

Conservationists call for one-fifth of Australia to be assessed for National Heritage listing

February 26, 2009. Click here.

Conservationists call for inclusion of forest carbon protection in Emission Trading Scheme

February 25, 2009. Click here.

Alarming decision to destroy Indonesia's last peatswamp forests

February 23, 2009. Click here.

Stop shooting climate change allies

February 20, 2009. Click here.

perspective needs to return to shark coverage. sharks need more protection, not less.

February 18, 2009. Click here.

garrett squibs on fish protection

February 3, 2009. Click here.

Australia must reject dangerous whale deals.

February 3, 2009. Click here.

garrett changes gear on habitat protection

January 19, 2009. Click here.

indonesia refuses port entry to whaling vessel

January 16, 2009. Click here.

japanese whalers in contempt of australian federal court

January 15, 2009. Click here.

conservationists call for end to shark fishing

January 14, 2009. Click here.

EU ban on cat and dog fur imports and exports welcomed

January 6, 2009. Click here.

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