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Action Alert - Bandicoots      


ACTION ALERT - 25 november 2008

eastern barred bandicoots critical in victoria

Despite more than sixteen years of so called species recovery and legislative protection (Vic FFG Act and Cwth EPBC Act), the Victorian population of eastern barred bandicoots is facing extinction. It has declined from 1750 animals in 1982 to 100 animals in 2008.

95% of the eastern barred bandicoot's natural habitat, the grasslands and woody grasslands of the Victorian volcanic plains west of Melbourne, have been lost to agriculture. The species has impressive reproductive abilities and is known to be able to adapt to introduced grasslands, even so, drought and fox predation are proving insurmountable challenges and the Victorian Government's recovery efforts have not risen to meet them.
Click here for an analysis of the critical situation for the eastern barred bandicoot in Victoria from population biologist, Peter Myroniuk.

We are extremely close to losing this species in Victoria and the Government is content to follow a recovery plan that is clearly not doing enough.


Write, fax or email The Hon Gavin Jennings MLC , Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change, gavin.jennings@parliament.vic.gov.au Level 22 / 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3002 Fax: 9096 8866. Ask that he give significantly increased political and financial support to recovery efforts that will avert the extinction of the eastern barred bandicoot in Victoria.

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