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Animals cannot help themselves – they must depend on people who care to fight for them. HSI represents more than 10 million people around the world who care.

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Humane Gifts 2018      

thank your mum this mother's day with a humane gift

This Mother’s Day, a Humane Gift is the perfect opportunity to present your mum with a thoughtful and unique gift of impact. 

Being a mother isn't always easy. This is especially true for wild animals who are fighting to protect their babies from life or death situations. By choosing one of the Humane Gifts below this Mother's Day, you'll will be showing your mum just how much you appreciate her, and at the same time supporting a program that is helping to protect families in the animal kingdom. Fast, ethical and simple, purchasing a Humane Gift allows you to contribute to the security and continuity of the programs that many animals depend on for their entire lives. 

Select from the variety of categories below, add to basket and proceed to checkout. Our secure online pages will ensure your credit card information is kept safe for processing.  You, as the giver, will receive a "Thank You" letter from us and tax-deductible receipt. In return, we will provide a personalised Gift Card to the recipient, with information about the program you have chosen and mailed to the address of your choice.  


Help us save the endangered Orangutans of Indonesia:

$32 will help us to provide vital equipment to ranger patrols

$55 will help us to provide fire patrols to protect critical habitat from clearing

$100 will help us to pay for a rescue of an injured orangutan

$250 will help us pay for the translocation and reintroduction of organgutans to protected habitat


Donkeys are being slaughtered at an unprecedented rate for their skins which are used in a dubious traditional medicine called ejiao. Help us save them:

$22 will help us lobby the Australian Government to ensure we don’t open up a donkey trade here

$48 could help us provide safe houses for the animals in Africa where working donkeys are being stolen and brutally killed for their skins

$100 will help us to change the behaviour of ejiao-users and encourage them to seek alternatives

$250 will help us to rescue donkeys suffering in poor conditions as greedy owners wait for this cruel trade to become legal


It is horrifying to think of dogs being cruelly farmed for meat. Help HSI shut down dog farming in South Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

$30 will help us to provide ensure a rescued dog gets the vaccinations it needs for re-homing

$48 will help us to feed rescued dogs until they can be found new homes

$100 will help us to train dog farmers in new livelihoods so they never return to dog farming

$250 will help us pay for a raid of a dog farm to rescue and find new loving homes for all the animals.


Precious koala habitat is under threat due to land clearing. Please help us protect this iconic Australian animal.

$27 will help us lobby for increased protection for koalas

$48 will help us reach out to private land holders to encourage them to protect koalas through our Wildlife Land Trust

$100 will help us to identify legal options to prevent land clearing of critical koala habitat

$250 will help us to fund scientific nominations to protect koala habitat under Australia's federal law


Help us save the working elephants of India:

$28 will help us to provide medicine to treat their wounds

$45 will help us to provide food for a rescued elephant for a day

$100 will help us to pay for vet visits to provide critical treatment for serious injuries

$250 will help us cover costs of rescuing new elephants and giving them a happy and healthy retirement


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