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28th November - Humane Society International reminds Australian Government to act on whaling as shocking footage released      



November 28, 2017

‚ÄčShocking footage filmed by the Australian Government of Japan’s brutal hunting and slaughtering of whales in the Australian whale sanctuary has today been released by Sea Shepherd, the result of a five-year Freedom of Information battle between conservation groups and the Government.

The footage was released after an initial Freedom of Information request by Humane Society International in 2012, and was pursued by Sea Shepherd after the Australian Government withheld it for years.

The graphic images show the explosive harpooning of a whale, shot from a Japanese whaling vessel after being chased to exhaustion. The whaling vessel then drags the whale onto the vessel, with the whale suffering an agonising, slow and painful death. Humane Society International thanks Sea Shepherd for sharing this important footage with the public, and is reminding the Australian people that Japan’s whaling is still taking place.

“This footage is a timely reminder that the brutality of Japan’s whaling endeavours must be condemned time and time again because it is still happening. The Australian Government must continue to make plain and public Australia’s firm and unrelenting opposition to the commercial slaughter of hundreds of protected whales on our doorstep. The Australian public expects it and Japan needs to keep hearing it,” said Nicola Beynon, Humane Society International’s Head of Campaigns.

Earlier this month Japan’s notorious factory vessel, the Nissan Maru, left again for the Southern Ocean to kill another 333 Antarctic minke whales. Japan plans to take 4,000 Antarctic whales over the next 12 years as a part of its whaling expeditions. Humane Society International congratulates Sea Shepherd and Environment Defenders Office NSW for securing the footage.


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