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21st June - Humane Society International supports bill to end live animal export slaughter      



21st June, 2017

​​Humane Society International commends Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon for tabling a Bill in Parliament today to end the cruel export of live animals for slaughter. The Bill seeks to prohibit two years from when the law commences the export of cattle, calves, sheep, lambs, goats or other prescribed animals for slaughter overseas.

“A fundamental tenet of farm animal welfare is to slaughter an animal humanely as close as possible to where they were reared. Putting millions of animals on ships for long arduous journeys strips back animal welfare principals in the most basic way,” said Nicola Beynon, Head of Campaigns for Humane Society International.

Exposés have shown the conditions on board can be horrific. Over 25.2 million animals have been part of Australia’s live export trade in the past seven years, and since 2000, 612,639 animals have been reported as dying on crowded ships.

“The conditions that these animals have to endure are nothing short of appalling. Animals are cramped in overcrowded conditions, often poisoned due to their airless holds accumulating toxic gasses. Even on an ordinary journey the industry will consider it routine for a proportion of the animals to be so stressed that they will refuse to eat and many die,” Ms Beynon continued.

Not only do Australian animals face a stressful and arduous journey overseas, but all too often they will face brutally cruel treatment at their destinations as revealed in 2011 by reports of systematic torture of cattle in Indonesia and again in 2015 in Vietnam, and as is revealed time and time again for sheep in the Middle East.

“It’s time for both major political parties to support a phase out of the cruel and inhumane live export trade. There is a better way forward, and this Bill would not only help the local Australian economy through domestic processing, but would ensure that no more animals are subjected to the unspeakable suffering involved with live exports,” concluded Ms Beynon.


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