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17th June - Breaking Video shows Yulin police closing down dog meat market stalls, enforcing temporary sales ban before dog meat      


17th June, 2017

Chinese activists have asked Humane Society International to help circulate a video filmed June 15th at Nanqiao market in Yulin, China showing Yulin law enforcement officers closing down dog meat stalls and enforcing the compromise sales ban. As Humane Society International reported earlier, a last minute compromise deal was reached between angry dog meat vendors and the Yulin authorities whereby vendors are permitted to sell dog meat but limited to two dog carcasses per stand, a dramatic reduction for most vendors.

It seems that many dog meat traders have gravitated towards Nanqiao market as trading at Dongkou market, a hub for the dog meat trade, has become more problematic. Traders at Nanqiao market were spotted by Humane Society International’s Chinese partners to be selling in apparent violation of the new order. They reported the activity to the the authorities in Yulin. This was then followed by a crackdown whereby the traders were told to close down their stands, as shown in this video.

Humane Society International’s partner groups are also reporting that the Yulin police department has set up a temporary office in the main Dongkou market for daily inspections to enforce the order, and so Humane Society International would encourage Chinese activists on the ground to swiftly report any violations they see. Humane Society International’s partner groups will continue to monitor the situation and assist the Yulin police in taking action against dog meat vendors who violate the order.

Dr Peter Li, Humane Society International’s China policy specialist, said: “It is encouraging to see the Yulin authorities enforcing the compromise ban that they themselves struck with Yulin officials. It shows that while the restricted sales order is by no means perfect, it is absolutely having an impact and Yulin law enforcement want to be seen to be taking it seriously. Our Chinese partners share the frustration of animal campaigners around the world that change in Yulin is a long time coming, but they are keen for this video to go viral so that people can see that progress is being made and the dog traders are definitely feeling the pressure. This kind of crackdown is certainly causing vendors to hold off buying more dogs, and word is spreading.”

Humane Society International is calling on Yulin official Mr. Mo Gong Ming to end the Yulin festival for good. You can sign the letter here.


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