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28th March - HSI Slams Greyhound Handout      



28th March 2017

Humane Society International (HSI) Australia has today slammed the announcement that the greyhound racing industry in NSW will receive a $41 million publicly funded subsidy to continue over the next five years. 

“It’s the industry itself that should pay for the reforms to clean up its own animal cruelty”” says Nicola Beynon, HSI Head of Campaigns. “The Australian tax payer should not be expected to subsidise continuation of a cruel industry”.

The report today outlined that $11 million will go towards a new integrity commission, with the safety of greyhound tracks given $30 million to “improve animal welfare standards that lower the risk of injury”.

“This amount of public funds should not be allocated to an industry exposed for mass dog killings, fatal injuries, live baiting and doping with dangerous drugs,” says Ms Beynon.

Reports just at the weekend exposed Greyhounds NSW to have been aware of race-fixing cartels for years and loopholes being used by industry trainers to avoid doping testing.

“If the government thinks that the industry is serious on cleaning up its practices, they are mistaken,” says Ms Beynon. “The recent developments all paint a picture of a rotten industry undeserving of the second chance it has been given”.

Whilst HSI acknowledges the recommendations of the Iemma report as sound, HSI is warning the government that the cruelty is so entrenched in the industry that it will be impossible to regulate away. 


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