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16th February - Greyhound death and injuries have worsened. HSI warns government - cruelty cannot be regulated away      

Greyhound death and injuries have worsened. HSI warns government - cruelty cannot be regulated away.

16th February 2017

Today, as the government gives the greyhound racing industry a second chance, Humane Society International (HSI) can reveal death and injury rates for the dogs have worsened. 

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald says the report of the Review Panel into greyhound racing will be released today and it will recommend a separation between the regulatory and commercial functions of the industry, with the creation of a new Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission. 

"Humane Society International does not support a continuation of this cruel industry. Of course, if it continues, there must be a separation between the enforcement functions and the commercial functions. That arrangement and self-policing is always a conflict of interest,” said Verna Simpson, HSI Director.

“But, the NSW Government is kidding itself if it thinks the animal welfare problems in the industry can be regulated away. Injuries and euthanasia are part of the business model.

“Humane Society International analysis of the injury and euthanasia figures in the 3 months before and after the government’s backflip over whether the industry should be banned, show nothing has changed. It’s business as usual and the injury and death rates are even higher,” said Ms Simpson

HSI has investigated the injury rates from TAB races in the 3 months before and after the Baird Government backflip on 10th October 2016 and we find that injuries are up 6% and the number of animals that have need to be put down because their injuries are so terrible is up by 22%. 

Not only is this industry steeped in cruelty but HSI investigations have revealed all companies and sole traders identified as being in the greyhound racing industry in NSW paid a total of $169 300 in tax in the 2014/15 financial year.  HSI would now be keen to know if Government is still planning to offer $22 million in tax breaks, which is so far still on the table.

"Humane Society International says the Government can have no confidence animal welfare problems can ever be solved in this industry. Greyhound racing is inherently cruel,” concluded Ms Simpson.


Three months prior to ban overturn:

10th July 2016 –

9th October 2016

Three months following ban overturn:

10th October 2016 – 10th January 2017

% Difference





Trackside Euthanasia




Warnings/ Reprimands/ Fines





Source: http://www.grnsw.com.au/stewards/reports

The results for non TAB races are not yet available.  

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