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20th October - Smart drumlines approved despite no understanding of their impact      

Smart drumlines approved despite no understanding of their impact

20 October 2016

Humane Society International is alarmed at the apparent green light given today by Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg to the proposed expansion of the NSW smart drumline program. HSI believes that the expansion of the smart drumline program requires approval under the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The Federal Government’s green light to NSW’s plans to expand their smart drumline program without fully investigating the environmental impacts of this huge expansion is of great concern and seriously disappointing,” said HSI’s Senior Program Manager, Alexia Wellbelove.

HSI and our lawyers have written to both State and Federal Governments requesting that information on the trial of smart drumlines be made publicly available so that the impacts of the existing trial can be understood and the possible impacts on the wider marine environment of the significant expansion proposed identified.  HSI fears that smart drumlines are not harmless and may pose a significant threat to marine life, particularly if sharks and other animals caught on the lines are not quickly released,” said Ms Wellbelove.

The fact remains that the use of smart drumlines are unnecessary and part of an outdated response to the very rare, albeit tragic, chance of being bitten by a shark and we call for the proposed expansion to be put on hold until such time that data is made publicly available,” concluded Ms Wellbelove.

HSI’s requests for further information and data from the smart drumline trial to the NSW State Government have so far gone answered.

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