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Hurricane Mathew      

Disaster Relief



Humane Society International has sent a veterinary team to Haiti this week to offer emergency animal rescue and treatment following the devastation left by Hurricane Matthew. The team is bringing emergency veterinary medicines, vaccinations and other supplies to provide direct assistance to animals in need and reinforcement to local animal welfare groups on the ground. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, HSI implemented a long-term response to the disaster, and will be on the ground to help after this disaster, too.

Alongside the estimated 1,000 people killed and tens of thousands displaced after the hurricane, many animals are also struggling to cope with the aftermath. With only one small veterinary group operating in Haiti, the country lacks the capacity to treat the thousands of animals potentially suffering from injuries, disease and infection. HSI will remain in Haiti to provide veterinary assistance for as long as it’s needed.

Our Animal Rescue Team will provide update reports from the field. 

Saved from a flooding bus

"As we made our way through the flooded streets, we saw it. The bus was almost completely underwater -- only the top was visible.

We looked inside for any movement, listened for any sound of life. Nothing.

But we weren’t giving up yet, so we forced the door open. A few moments later, a little white dog dove out of the door and we pulled her onto the boat.

The hurricane may be long gone, but the urgency is still very real.

She wasn't alone. Inside the bus we found three cats floating on debris -- one of them precariously clinging to an old toolbox. They survived 12 hours or more in the flood and had only inches of breathing space left.

Thankfully, we were able to pull them all to safety in time.

After we got back to dry land, the pets were reunited with their owner. They'll be receiving care at a local shelter until it's safe to return home. 

Today we are continuing to respond to emergency calls."

HSI Animal Rescue Team

Photos by The HSUS

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