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10th October - Baird retains overwhelming public support for greyhound ban despite News Corps controversial attempts to axe it      

Baird retains overwhelming public support for greyhound ban despite News Corp’s controversial attempts to axe it

10th October 2016

Despite an aggressive media campaign by News Corp pressurising the Baird government to reverse the greyhound racing ban which passed through parliament in August, there has never been any indication by the NSW Premier himself than he will back down.  While The Daily Telegraph cover their front page with news such as “Premier to axe greyhound racing ban” as if it’s a done deal, today’s media reports from Crikey have revealed that their parent company News Corp just purchased a major gambling website, punters.com.au.  It’s now clear why they are supporting a reversal of the ban so strongly.

Latest independent polling shows that almost two thirds of people in New South Wales and the ACT support the decision to end greyhound racing.  Around the world tracks have been closing because the cruelty in this industry is undeniable.  We are one of only eight countries still allowing this barbaric use and abuse of dogs to continue and only last week the attached letter was sent to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urging him to bring Australia into line with other civilised countries.

Humane Society International (HSI) Director Verna Simpson said today, “The public of New South Wales have spoken and they don’t want their tax dollars to support an industry fraught with animal cruelty and corruption.  Claims by The Telegraph that the ban would result in the mass slaughter of dogs are ridiculous coming from an industry that routinely slaughters thousands of healthy dogs every year right now.”

NSW Premier Mike Baird took the hard decision to ban an industry so steeped in cruelty that in a civilised society there was no other option.  The independent inquiry uncovered extensive evidence of horrific animal cruelty and that is something that is undeniable and evidence based.

Ms Simpson continues, “Only today another mass grave of 50 greyhounds has been revealed near Tamworth.  A leaked letter this week also revealed further corruption including race staging and the involvement of senior officials from Greyhound Racing NSW in ‘live baiting’  These revelations just demonstrate further how right Baird is to stand by his historic decision and he continues to receive strong support from the majority of the Australian public.”

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