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11th July - Thank you Mr Baird from the 85% of NSW voters who support your decision      

Thank you mr baird from the 85% of nsw voters who support your decision


11th July 2016

And when we say someone had the guts,  that is exactly what it took.  Because this dirty little business doesn’t just involve unacceptable levels of animal cruelty, it also involves organised crime, drug cartels and physical threats that were violently levelled at anyone who dared to speak out.  When the enquiry was held many people had stories to tell but were so intimidated they would not give evidence. 

Mr Baird should not feel bullied into reconsidering his decision to shut down greyhound racing.  It is absolutely the correct decision and was based on a thorough and independent inquiry. The arguments the industry is putting forward just don’t hold water.

Thousands of greyhounds may be put to death – It has been reported that up to 6,500 greyhounds will need new homes.  That is less than half the amount of healthy dogs that are killed every year just because they are too slow.  Why is the industry suddenly concerned about dog deaths?  They have been killing thousands of dogs every year!

The reality is that the shelters are getting together to rehome as many as possible and there is potential to rehome most of them.  Unfortunately because of the treatment many of these dogs have suffered a large percentage will not be suitable for rehoming and may have to be euthanised.  But at least these dogs will die humanely at the hands of a qualified vet in a rescue facility, unlike the many thousands who are killed with a hammer to the head in someone’s backyard.

So don’t think of it as a percentage of 6500 dogs that will be euthanised because the industry is closing down, think of it as saving the lives of at least 16,000 dogs per year forever more.

What about the people who do look after their dogs and play by the rules? -  As in any industry that uses animals there are good and bad operators.  Unfortunately the greyhound industry was burdened with an overwhelming number of bad operators.  It was no secret to anyone in the business that illegalities were endemic but the threats were real and people were scared for their families.  If this industry wasn’t so toxic the people who played by the rules could have weeded out the cheats, but it has gone beyond that.   And should we really be supporting anything that has an underlying sniff of organised crime?

What will the ban cost? – There is no doubt that ending the industry will have a price tag but it will be a pittance compared to the $22 million dollars the greyhound industry was destined to receive in tax breaks over the next 4 years.  If you add to that the estimated $3.5 million the Government holds in its Tax Reduction Trust Fund for greyhound racing that would be a very healthy kitty to deconstruct the industry and it would provide the money needed by the rehoming groups.

HSI and our 65,000 supporters applaud the ban and are thankful that at least one politician is listening to the people.  More than 85% of NSW residents are opposed to greyhound racing but would have been in the situation of helping fund this cruelty through tax incentives.  To hear the other parties talk of overturning the ban demonstrates either their inability to respond to voter concerns or flagrant dismissal of them.

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