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6th June - The Coalition and ALP must match the Greens commitment to protect threatened species and their habitats      

The Coalition and ALP must match the Greens’ commitment to protect threatened species and their habitats

Sydney 6/6/16: Humane Society International (HSI) called upon the major parties today to match the policy commitments made by the Greens on World Environment Day to protect threatened species and critical habitats across Australia. HSI congratulated the Greens on their initiative.

The Greens have proposed re-establishing the defunct Biodiversity Fund to the tune of $2.13 Billion over 6 years: $130 million over 4 years to map and protect critical habitats; funding and implementation of recovery plans; and the development of bioregional plans with “no-go zones”.

HSI’s Campaign Director Michael Kennedy said today that, “HSI fully supports the proposals outlined by the Greens, and we would urge the Coalition and the ALP to immediately match and surpass these essential wildlife conservation policies.  The pressures upon our expanding lists of threatened species and places are growing exponentially, while the Commonwealth’s response has been to devolve its legislative environmental powers to the states and territories. While HSI welcomes the Coalition’s World Environment Day announcement of a further $5 million invested in a new Threatened Species Recovery Fund, the overall funding amounts and legislative commitments remain inadequate.”

The ALP has already made a commitment to retain Commonwealth environment powers.

In February this year, HSI presented all political parties with a list of key amendments required to the EPBC Act (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999), that focused particularly upon the protection of critical habitats and threatened ecological communities, proposing a prohibition on the clearing of such habitats (the EPBC Act amendments were drafted by EDO NSW - Environmental Defenders Office).

In conclusion Mr Kennedy stated, “HSI once again urges the two major political parties to commit to, and eventually implement, the strongest legislative and funding provisions possible to protect threatened species and habitats, ensuring development is off-limits in the most biodiverse and threatened areas. HSI can provide all political parties with legislative solutions to this major environmental dilemma.” 


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