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29th April - More than half a million Australians want to be counted at the coming election - Will the ALP protect them from con      

More than half a million Australians want to be counted at the coming election: Will the ALP protect them from consumer fraud?

29th April, 2016

Today Humane Society International (HSI) has requested the ALP to commit to an election promise to reverse the Government's outrageous gutting of Australia’s free range egg industry.

Last month Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce declared the new Australian free range egg standard would allow massive stocking densities of 10,000 birds per hectare, despite over 95% of Australians calling for a maximum of 1,500 birds per hectare, consistent with the Model Code of practice set by CSIRO in 2002. In fact there is no free range standard anywhere in the world that allows bird density greater than 2,500 per hectare.

HSI Director Verna Simpson said today, “We have on register 516,898 Australians who have let the Government know they were opposed to such intensive farming being labelled as ‘free range’.   These are ordinary Australians who felt so strongly that they took time out of their busy lives to either to write to Government, send a post card, take part in a Choice survey or send submissions to the appropriate inquiries.”

Unfortunately the current Government has chosen to ignore more than half a million consumers, rubber stamping deception, and over the next few months intend to enshrine this in legislation.  Rather than protect the free range farmers who have pioneered this desirable product, or the consumers who have supported the true free range industry, Government has chosen to back big agribusiness and a handful of already wealthy winners.

Today we have written to the ALP and requested that if they are elected they commit to overturning this disgraceful decision and protect the more than half a million vocal consumers who have taken the time to let Government know that they wanted protection, but were ignored for a few of Barnaby’s greedy friends,” Ms Simpson concluded.


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