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Animals cannot help themselves – they must depend on people who care to fight for them. HSI represents more than 10 million people around the world who care.

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If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email admin@hsi.org.au.


australia could end its involvement in the international shark fin trade with one simple amendment

5th April click here 

PHOTOS - canada's commercial seal hunt begins, hsi witnesses slaughter on the ice

14th April click here 

latest free range court case highlights 10,000 hectare farce

15th April click here 

breaking video: canadian pm justin trudeau urged to stop cruelty; baby seals shot, beaten to death in commerical hunt

20th April click here 

hsi commends labor action plan

27th April click here 

more than half a million australians want to be counted at the coming election: will the alp protect them from consumer fraud?

29th April click here

france bans ivory trade humane society international europe welcomes move

30th April click here 

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