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24 July 2006 - New Evidence Reveals Atrocities of 2005 - 6 Antarctic Whale Hunt       

New Evidence Reveals Atrocities of 2005/6 Antarctic Whale Hunt

Sydney, 24 July 2006                          

HSI has obtained a copy of the Japanese Government’s report on the whale hunt carried out in Antarctica last summer, revealing its grisly atrocities.

The report, which was submitted to the International Whaling Commission, reveals that 70% of all the females killed in the hunt were pregnant and gives gruesome statistics about the foetuses’ organs.

853 minke and 10 fin whales were slaughtered in the hunt from a potential quota of 935 minke whales and 10 fin whales. (The quota may not have been fulfilled because Greenpeace successfully disrupted the hunt).

224 of 391 female minke whales slaughtered were pregnant, bearing 227 foetuses. 2 of the fin whales were pregnant, with one foetus each. Adding the 229 dead foetuses to the overall death toll – the true mortality from the Japanese whale hunt was 1092. Three further minke females killed were lactating and we must assume their calves perished without their mother’s milk.

Maps in the report reveal that approximately 90% of all the whales killed in the hunt this summer were killed within the Australian Whale Sanctuary, far exceeding expectations.

From the maps HSI has calculated that approximately 786 of the minke whales were killed in the Australian Whale Sanctuary and 9 of the fin whales.  

“The report makes grim reading and is tragic when you remember that Japan has a glut of whale meat and has been turning it into pet food”, said Nicola Beynon, HSI’s Wildlife and Habitat Program Manager.

“The report also provides crucial evidence for HSI’s Federal Court case against the Japanese company responsible for the slaughter and shows that if whaling in the Australian Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica is stopped, it would have a significant impact on the overall hunt”.

HSI has been given permission by the Federal Court of Australia to bring a case against the Japanese whaling company, Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha. HSI will ask the Federal Court to declare the whaling a breach of Australian law and issue an injunction for the hunt to be stopped. The Court has scheduled 31 October for the first hearing. 

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