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9 June 2006 - HSI heads to International Whaling Commission      

HSI heads to International Whaling Commission

Sydney, 9 June 2006

HSI Australia’s Nicola Beynon is preparing to join a team of HSI lobbyists, scientists and lawyers at the 58th International Whaling Commission meeting in St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean between 16th and 21st June.

Ms Beynon will attend the meeting as a non-governmental adviser on the Australian Government delegation, as she has done for the past seven years.

This year’s meeting is expected to be a pivotal one.  It is likely pro-conservation countries will lose the simple majority of votes they have held for nearly three decades. This would allow pro-whaling countries to dramatically undermine the conservation mandate of the IWC and hasten negotiations for a return to full scale commercial whaling. 

A simple majority would be insufficient to lift the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling, which requires approval by three-quarters of the members. It would, however, allow whale-hunting countries to take control of the meetings through agenda-setting and passage of non-binding resolutions, paving the way for the eventual lifting of the whaling ban.

The first votes will take place on June 16th.

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