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Action Alert - Stop cull of Flying Foxes      


ACTION ALERT - 7 january 2008

Help stop cull of threatened flying foxes

Singleton Council has asked federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett for a permit to cull the grey-headed flying fox population at Burdekin Park. See EPBCA Referral Number2007/3916 Singleton Bat Cull. A decision is imminent.

Humane Society International asks that you write to register your objection to the referral and urge the Minister to reject it. The grey-headed flying fox is a listed threatened species. HSI considers permitting deliberate culls to be inconsistent with the Government's objectives to recover the species. The Council states its goal to be the eradication of the sub-population. In HSI's view this will be an unacceptable significant impact on the species.

You can note that Singleton Council advises there is alternative habitat available for the species in the local area but that they have not made a genuine, sustained attempt to deter and relocate the flying foxes from Burdekin Park through non lethal means.

The council also advises that Burdekin Park is ' ˜man made'. This does not negate the importance of the sub-population to the overall population of grey-headed flying foxes. It is due to human impact on natural habitats that a number of threatened species like the grey-headed flying fox now depend on modified habitats.


Write this week to The Hon Peter Garrett, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 or by email to Peter.Garrett.MP@aph.gov.au

Ask him to reject EPBCA referral number 2007/3916 Singleton Bat Cull.


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