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Animals cannot help themselves – they must depend on people who care to fight for them. HSI represents more than 10 million people around the world who care.

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Legal Actions      
Legal Actions

legal actions

Using legislation to further our conservation and animal welfare agenda

Part of HSIs campaign activities includes using a range of state, national and international laws to help challenge Ministerial or Government decisions, as a means of securing greater protection for wildlife and habitats and improving on animal welfare.

Securing Australia’s national environment legislation

Humane Society International has been at the forefront of legislative reform for the environment and setting the agenda for conservation policies in Australia. Notable among our achievements was the passage of the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act which gave the Commonwealth powers to protect World Heritage Place, Ramsar wetlands, threatened and migratory species and their habitats, even within State and Territory jurisdictions. This legislation also saw environmental sustainability assessments introduced to Commonwealth and export fisheries for the first time. HSI has since been involved in amendments to the EPBC Act introducing strong and powerful regimes to protect wildlife in trade and to protect places of National Heritage.

However, the potential of the EPBC Act has been seriously undermined by a lack of political will and funding to implement it properly. HSI has been at the forefront of criticism over the Government’s failure to use the EPBC Act to greatest effect to protect Australian biodiversity. HSI has also been very active in the courts to ensure the EPBC Act is properly enforced to protect whales, flying foxes, Asian elephants and a host of threatened fish.

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HSI legal actions

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