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11 December 2007 - Only One Earth, for People and Wildlife      

Only One Earth, for People and Wildlife

Sydney, 11 December 2007                            

On Sunday 9th December ProFauna Bali launched a campaign to encourage individuals to take simple daily action to reduce climate change. This event came during a major meeting of the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change only a few hundred yards away. The slogan for the campaign carrying is ”only one earth, for people and wildlife”, and this event saw many animals-shaped giant balloons on public display and interacting directly with people visiting Kuta beach.

The impacts of global warming affect not only people but wildlife as well. Global warming is estimated to threaten the survival of 300 species listed in the endangered list, with a huge effect on marine wildlife. Sea turtles – the focal species for ProFauna Bali – are likely to be affected by increasing numbers and intensity of storms and floods, damage to coral reefs reducing their food supply and rising temperatures on the shores affecting the hatching ability of their eggs.

Humane Society International (Australia), together with Born Free, supports the ProFauna Bali office with core funding to facilitate their work on combating the illegal wildlife trade, rescuing and releasing individual turtles and raising awareness of environmental issues. 

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