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Despite its iconic status, we could be doing a lot better to look after the koala. The future of this special Australian species is far from secure. Habitat loss has thrown the koala out of balance with the ecosystem in many parts of its range. The koala over-populates some small areas, whereas in others tiny remnant populations are clinging on to survival. In suburban areas where the koala still survives, it is threatened by urbanisation causing habitat loss, increasing traffic and dog attacks. Koala habitat continues to be lost to logging and vegetation clearing for farmland.
The koala is already listed as a 'vulnerable to extinction' under NSW laws and HSI has secured additional protection for severely endangered koala populations on the NSW coast at Barrenjoey and Port Stephens. HSI continues to work to have the koala's threatened conservation status recognised under Federal law, which would lead to a nationally coordinated conservation plan.


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