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7 November 2008 - HSI Congratulates Garrett on Alps Heritage Listing      

HSI Congratulates Garrett on Alps Heritage Listing

Sydney, 7 November 2008                      

Humane Society International (HSI) Director Michael Kennedy today congratulated Minister Garrett on his decision to list the entire Australian Alps area.

This is one of the most significant heritage listings outside of existing World Heritage areas,” said Mr Kennedy, “and will hopefully be the first of a number of large area heritage listings.”

Minister Garrett is currently assessing seventeen million hectares of the Kimberly for potential National Heritage listing, and HSI is about to submit a nomination for the assessment of sixteen million hectares of the Great Western Woodlands in Western Australia.

Mr Kennedy said, “HSI is very happy to have been the key NGO helping the passage of the EPBC Act Heritage Amendments, as a member of the inaugural Australian Heritage Council, recommending to the Minister that all the alpine regions be assessed for a National Heritage listing.

HSI had also previously nominated the Kosciusko National Park dingo population for National Heritage listing, and we are hoping that the new values table for the Australian Alps listing will recognise this critical dingo population, and impart further and essential protection.

HSI will be making a series of National Heritage nominations for the Minister’s consideration before the end of the year.

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