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Action Alert - Flying Foxes      



please don't let them shoot us anymore

Flying FoxThe New South Wales (NSW) Government issues licences for over a thousand grey-headed flying -foxes to be killed every year, this despite the species being classified as threatened under NSW and Australian Commonwealth law. Humane Society International (HSI) is one of 60 organisations campaigning to stop the shooting.

The licences are issued to farmers who think shooting flying-foxes helps protect their fruit crops. The fact is shooting is an ineffective method of crop protection so the flying foxes are dying needlessly and in a great deal of pain.

Very often the flying-foxes are not killed outright and are left hanging in the trees to die painful slow deaths from their injuries. Worse, they will often be carrying young, also left to die slowly and cruelly.

Scientists are warning the grey-headed flying-fox population in NSW is in serious decline and the mortality rate from shootings is a contributing factor.

The Queensland Government recently stopped issuing licences to shoot flying-foxes to their fruit growers after an investigation by the Queensland Animal Welfare Advisory Committee found shooting flying-foxes to be inhumane.

In August 2009, the NSW Flying-Fox Licensing Review Panel published a report of their findings, concluding that the animal welfare issues arising from the shooting of flying-foxes are ' ˜unacceptable ethically and legally'. Despite this conclusion, the NSW Government is continuing to licence shooting, with another season now underway.

HSI is asking the NSW Government to follow the lead of Queensland and also stop issuing the licences. Bat carers are telling HSI they cannot face another flying fox killing season. Whilst the shooting of bats continues, so will the cruelty.
Read the report Why NSW Should Ban the Shooting of Flying-foxes endorsed by 55 conservation, animals welfare and wildlife rescue organisations. Download PDF (1074 kB)
Read the report Report on deaths and injuries to Grey-headed Flying-foxes, Pteropus poliocephalus shot in an orchard near Sydney, NSW revealing evidence of extreme cruelty to shot flying-foxes. Download PDF (901.5 kB)
Read statements of support from fruit growers opposed to shooting. Download PDF (140.5 kB)

What you can do:
Contact the NSW Minister for Environment and ask that his Department cease issuing licences to fruit growers to shoot flying foxes because it is inhumane and threatens the species' conservation status. Ask the Minister to make a public commitment to an end date for the shooting of flying-foxes. This will not only provide certainty to farmers but also ensure the end of the inherently cruel and inhumane practice of the shooting of our threatened native species.

The Hon. Frank Sartor MP
Minister for Climate Change and the Environment
Level 35, Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Fax: (02) 9228 5499
Email: rockdale@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Image (c) Nick Edards - Flying fox giving birth.

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