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Threatened species nomination program      



Humane Society International has been responsible for protecting the following threatened species under Australian commonwealth, state and territory laws. We have performed an advisory role on many of the recovery plans governments are implementing to save them.  Below is a list of some of the species which HSI has been responsible for successfully nominating over a number of years:


Sub-antarctic fur seal, southern elephant seal, fin whale, sei whale, semon's leaf-nosed bat, Pilbara leaf-nosed bat, greater large-eared horseshoe bat, eastern long-eared bat, Christmas Island pipistrelle bat, bare-rumped sheathtail bat, grey-headed flying fox, North Head population of long-nosed bandicoot, endangered koala populations, mountain pygmy possum, Kangaroo Island dunnart, northern marsupial mole (kakarratul), southern marsupial mole (itjaritjairi), Carpentarian rock rat, Bramble Cay melomys (rat


Northern giant petrel, southern giant petrel, Manly Point population of little fairy penguin, wandering albatross, shy albatross, black-browed albatross, sooty albatross, Tristan albatross, northern royal albatross, Amsterdam albatross, Chatam albatross, Antipodean albatross, Gibson's albatross, southern royal albatross, campbell albatross, Buller's albatross, Pacific albatross, white-capped albatross, Salvin's albatross, Indian yellow-nosed albatross, grey-headed albatross, light-mantled albatross.


Grey nurse shark, great white shark, Elizabeth Springs goby, red finned blue-eye, oxleyan pygmy perch, Murray hardyhead, dwarf galaxias, southern bluefin tuna, whale shark, great white shark, orange roughy, eastern gemfish.


Green turtle, olive ridley turtle, leather back turtle, flatback turtle, loggerhead turtle
hawksbill turtle, black-striped snake, Mary River turtle, Blue Mountain water skink, Alan's lerisa, Naomi River elseya; Bellingen rilver emydura, Deeite water skink, western spiny-tailed skink, woma python


Green and golden bell frog.


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