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7 January 2016 - Cruel fate- Up to 13000 animals still trapped aboard live trade vessel      

Cruel fate: Up to 13,000 animals still trapped aboard live trade vessel

7 January 2016

Humane Society International (HSI) has expressed great concern today at the fate of the 13,000 animals now confined for more than a week in cramped, unventilated spaces aboard a ship that has been docked at Perth, Western Australia due to engine troubles.  Originally intended for Israel, their Agricultural Ministry has since last night cancelled the shipment due to the associated delays and urging from Israeli animal welfare groups. However, the animals are still trapped on board.

The fact that none of the shipping companies have taken responsibility for the welfare of these animals reflects the cruel nature of live export. We have 7,500 sheep and 5,500 cattle now stuck in limbo. These animals need to be unloaded from the ship as soon as possible. Live export is arguably the cruellest trade to come from Australia and we have seen as a result of this incident the sheer number of people both here and in countries such as Israel that continue to oppose it,” Verna Simpson HSI director said.

The Israeli Government has listened to the public in cancelling the shipment, in order to alleviate the suffering of these animals. However, we now need Wellard and Otway Livestock Exports to follow through with the unloading. There have been reports this morning that the companies are trying to get the cattle to Vietnam for sale, but what about the 7,500 sheep? These animals cannot be sold in Vietnam, and we do not want to see them killed and dumped at sea.”

“The sad fact is that live trade results in the suffering and death of thousands of animals, a lot of which don’t even make it to the destination due to the conditions on board live export vessels. This incident is unfortunately one of many and is the reason in which we need to finally end live export,” Ms Simpson concluded

HSI has sought legal advice in order to get the animals removed from the ship as quickly as possible and placed in suitable care.


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