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21 October 2009 - Ministers trade in our parks for votes in Parliament      

Ministers trade in our parks for votes in Parliament

21 October 2009                                                      

Humane Society International (HSI) today expressed its dismay over reports that the NSW Government has offered to open our national parks to shooters.

“The Government appears to think that opening parks up on the borders of NSW out of sight of the majority of NSW residents will be out of mind,” said Alexia Wellbelove of HSI. “This smacks of the Ministers trying to sneak through a deal that is against the wishes of the majority of the NSW public, a deal which is purely political to ensure the Shooters’ Party votes with the Government on other Bills. Such political deals ignore the cruel nature of shooting of animals.”

“The Government should be warned that while they might gain short term votes in Parliament on their bills, sacrificing the sanctity of our national parks and sanctioning animal cruelty will lose them votes at the polls.”

“It is imperative that the NSW Government does not cave into a compromise deal with the Shooters’ Party and pass any Bill that opens up new opportunities for hunting and animal cruelty. The Bill, in its entirety, must be opposed.”

HSI is opposed to hunting in National Parks, the establishment of private game parks, the hunting of native animals and birds, the release or relocation of introduced birds, and other measures outlined in The Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill.

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