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2 October 2009 - Crocodile safari hunting dead in the water      

Crocodile safari hunting dead in the water

Sydney, 2nd October 2009                      

Humane Society International (HSI) today welcomed the Minister Peter Garrett’s decision to follow the lead of successive Environmental Ministers and reject the Northern Territory’s proposal to introduce commercial safari hunting of saltwater crocodiles.

HSI applauds the Government’s decision to reject the proposal to introduce the commercial hunting of saltwater crocodiles for trophies, which would have been a major step backwards into the last century” said HSI spokesperson Alexia Wellbelove. “The Government has rightly recognised that the hunting of native animals sickens people and that instead we should be celebrating our native wildlife.”

Prior to the prohibition of trophy hunting in the 1970s, the saltwater crocodile was a species threatened with extinction in Australia. It was only the ban on hunting that allowed crocodile populations to recover. HSI hopes that this pattern of continual re-submission of the crocodile safari hunting program will soon cease and that these backward policies can be replaced with the promotion of ecotourism to the remote areas of the Top End, providing indigenous landholders with an economic incentive to conserve the crocodiles and the habitat in which they live.

HSI has consistently opposed the introduction of crocodile safari hunting along with IFAW and RSPCA Australia. HSI remains concerned about other aspects of the NT Saltwater Crocodile Management Plan, such as the level of egg harvest. In addition HSI remains opposed to the ranching of crocodiles in Australia, believing that it does not effectively contribute to conservation in Australia and is undertaken purely for commercial purposes.

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