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HSI Media and Press Archive 2007       


media releases - 2007 archives

If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email admin@hsi.org.au.

Shark net fallacy

December 21, 2007 Click here.

Companies linked to japanese whaling; conservationists call for action

December 19, 2007 Click here.

Hsi welcomes government action over whaling

December 19, 2007 Click here.

Whale watchers join call for government to protect whales

December 18, 2007 Download PDF (112 kb)

Us congress lobbies bush to sanction japan over whales

December 14, 2007 Click here.

Garrett maintains pressure on nsw over endangered shark

December 13, 2007 Click here.

Green groups call on rudd government to move on whales protection

December 12, 2007 Click here.

Only one earth, for people and wildlife

December 11, 2007 Click here.

Huge haul of illegal wildlife products in bali

December 4, 2007 Click here.

United nations global 500 laureates urge pm on climate and forests

December 4, 2007 Click here.

Experts write to new pm ahead of climate talks

November 30, 2007 Click here.

Rudd must act immediately on whales

November 26, 2007 Click here.

Hsi demands u.s. sanctions as japanese whalers set sail

November 22, 2007. Click here.

Election saves woodland

November 21, 2007 Click here.

Which party will save australia's 20 critically endangered species?

November 20, 2007 Click here.

Alp to enlist the military in fight agains whaling

November 16, 2007 Click here.

Failure to protect grey nurse shark threatens commercial fishing industry

November, 15 2007. Click here.

Indonesian orangutan initiative praised, but more conservation efforts needed in s.e. asia

November 13, 2007 Click here.

Wipe debt, save carbon

November 7, 2007 Click here.

Green fuel a green furphy - hsi calls for end to palm oil subsidies

November 5, 2007 Click here.

Nature's housing crisis

November 2, 2007 Click here.

A welcome rescue plan for great barrier reef

October 29, 2007. Click here.

Where is the biodiversity conservation policy?

October 29, 2007. Click here.

Ten thousand albatross die for sashimi

October 16, 2007. Click here.

Climate targets must be more ambitious to save coral reefs

October 12, 2007. Click here.

Government confirms opposition to whale case

October 12, 2007. Click here.

Government puts palm oil on the agenda at un climate talks

October 8, 2007. Click here.

Business as usual for government's illegal logging policy

October 3, 2007. Click here.

The alternative state of australia's environment

October 2, 2007 Click here.

Wetland recognition a good step towards water security

September 21, 2007. Click here.

Forests vital as us climate change talks get underway

September 21, 2007. Click here.

Government has second chance to support hsi's legal case against japanese whalers

September 18, 2007. Click here.

Turnbull writes his own to do list on heritage and threatened species

August 29, 2007. Click here.

Canadian seal hunt condemned by us house of representatives

August 1, 2007. Click here.

Jane goodall institute and hsi applaud sierra leone for taking action to protect chimpanzees

July 27, 2007. Download PDF (50 kb)

Japan killed 263 pregnant whales in antarctic waters

July 24, 2007. Click here.

European parliament bans the import of dog and cat fur

June 19, 2007. Click here.

Hsi and wwf welcome united states proposed tough action over pirate fishing

June 19, 2007. Click here.

Australia jeopardises global shark conservation in political deal

June 12, 2007. Click here.

Avoided deforestation key to early success in curbing greenhouse gas emissions

June 8, 2007. Download PDF (281 kb)

Hsi applauds a u.n. decision to protect bobcats

June 8, 2007. Click here.

Australia secures resounding win for whales at u.n. treaty meeting

June 7, 2007. Click here.

Australia's natural heritage held hostage by farmers

June 6, 2007. Click here.

Hsi condemns decision by u.n. body to allow ivory trade to japan

June 5, 2007. Click here.

Japan to kill over 900 whales in australian whale sanctuary this christmas

June 5, 2007. Click here.

International wildlife trade conference gets underway in the netherlands

May 30, 2007. Click here.

International whale talks begin in alaska

May 28, 2007. Click here.

Australia weak over international protection for critically endangered species

May 25, 2007. Click here.

Protection for victoria's dingoes

May 23, 2007. Click here.

Support for labor's 'less talk - more action' approach

May 21, 2007. Click here.

Finally, a victory for grey nurse sharks

May 11, 2007. Click here.

Protection for endangered community in nsw wheatbelt

April 26, 2007. Click here.

Better management, not hunt, is required to deal with frazer island dingos

April 19, 2007. Click here.

Strongest climate change laws required

March 30, 2007. Click here.

Hsi congratulates government on pioneering forest fund

March 29, 2007. Click here.

Thousands of baby seals already dead as seal hunters gear up for annual hunt

March 28, 2007. Click here.

Seal death scandal

March 8, 2007. Click here.

Seaweek, but not many fish in the sea

March 7, 2007. Click here.

Too many fishers - not enough sharks

March 5, 2007. Click here.

No escape from court for the whalers

February 26, 2007. Click here.

Fickle justice for whales in the southern ocean

February 16, 2007. Click here.

Protecting wild rivers - the paroo river should be first

February 9, 2007. Click here.

Hsi success in court today

February 2, 2007. Click here.

Whale case proceeds despite japanese government intransigence

February 2, 2007. Click here.

Severe warning for our fishing future

January 30, 2007. Click here.

Endangered angels snared by deadly shark nets

Janaury 24, 2007. Click here.

Hands off great white shark

January 24, 2007. Click here.

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