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23 June 2009 - A third of whales killed are pregnant in Japan Antarctic hunt      

A third of whales killed are pregnant in Japan Antarctic hunt

Madeira, 23 June 2009                                    

Data provided by the Japanese Government from its 2008/9 whale hunt in Antarctica, made public at the International Whaling Commission today, has once again revealed the high number of pregnant and lactating females that are killed.

Of 679 reported whales killed, 304 were female, 192 of whom were pregnant and 4 of whom were lactating. The Japanese Government's so called "Cruise Report" gives gruesome details on the foetuses killed. The 4 lactating females killed would each have had a dependent calf that would inevitably have starved to death. 

Humane Society International strongly condemns this hunt which is conducted in a whale sanctuary under the guise of science.  The fact that this hunt is commercial and killing pregnant and lactating females makes it all the more egregious," said Kitty Block, HSI Vice President.

HSI commends the Commissioner of Monaco, Frederic Briand, for expressing concern over the high number of pregnant females killed when the IWC discussed animal welfare issues today.

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