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19 June 2009 - HSI Team at The International Whaling Commission      

HSI Team at The International Whaling Commission

19 June 2009                                                    

The International Whaling Commission is holding its annual meeting in Madeira, Portugal 22-26 June with no sign that Japan or Norway will end their commercial whale hunts despite a year of intense diplomatic negotiations.

Humane Society International (HSI) has a campaign team at the meeting warning against any concessions to the pro-whalers that would undermine the global ban on commercial whaling and calling for the Commission to instead focus all its efforts on the conservation and protection of whales.

HSI is encouraged by recent statements from federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, reminding Japan that Australia is prepared to take legal action if that country persists with its abuse of IWC scientific whaling provisions to justify the slaughter of over a thousand whales in the North Pacific and Antarctica every year. As Japan has made plain this is their intention, HSI asks that the Australian Government lodge the court case without further delay. Australia must not tolerate another killing season in Antarctica this summer.


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