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8 December 2015 - Japan pays lip-service to international law by issuing itself Special Permits to kill whales      

Japan pays lip-service to international law by issuing itself  Special Permits to kill whales

8 December 2015


Today the International Whaling Commission has reported that Japan has issued itself Special Permits under the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (1946) to authorise the kill of Minke whales under its NEWREP-A plan which they say is for lethal scientific research.    

Humane Society International (HSI) Director Michael Kennedy said, “It is amusing that while Japan ignores international law, the Scientific Committee of the IWC and the international community at large, that it still respects the legal process required in the International Whaling Convention for scientific whaling. A party to the Whaling Convention must issue itself Special Permits under Article VIII of the Convention. Now Japan has done so, it seems to believe that it has ticked all the legal boxes for the resumption of its purported scientific whaling program.”

“The Special Permit documents state that Japan will kill 333 whales this whaling season, which begun yesterday on the 7th of December and will conclude at the end of March. HSI is pleased with reports that the Australian Government, along with a cohort of other like-minded countries, has participated in an international demarche to the Government of Japan expressing serious concerns with the resumption of whaling in the Southern Ocean,” Mr. Kennedy continued.     

“With the Federal Court handing down a considerable legal precedent last month, finding Japanese whaling company Kyodo guilty of contempt of court and imposing a $1 million fine, the Australian Government has a duty to ensure that no further whales are killed in the Australian Whale Sanctuary. We ask the Australian Government to send a Customs vessel to observe the Japanese whaling fleet and to take any legal action which is open to them under International law,” Mr. Kennedy concluded.      


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