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12 October 2012 - Myer makes historic move and goes fur free!      

Myer makes historic move and goes fur free!

12 October, 2012                                                

Humane Society International (HSI) is delighted to announce that from this year every Myer store will cease the sale of real fur products across Australia!  HSI would like to congratulate them on this historic move which will help to preserve the lives and end the suffering of some of the millions of animals who fall victim to the trade.

Ms Verna Simpson, HSI Director, said, “We would like to thank Myer for adopting an official policy to stop selling fur across all of their stores nationally!  This message is now very clear – if you do not want to support cruelty in fashion you can now shop with confidence at any Myer store, Australia wide.”

Ms Jo Lynch, Myer’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, commented, “Myer is committed to building a socially responsible business and we do not condone the use of fur obtained by cruel means.  We appreciate that there are different views on the use of fur sourced by any means; however, we also acknowledge that community views on the use of fur in merchandise have changed, regardless of the source of that fur.”  Ms Lynch continued, “We have recently reviewed our sale of fur policy and a 'no fur' policy will be implemented at Myer, effective immediately.” 

This major move forward for animal welfare was advanced by the shocking exposé presented on the George Negus show last October which showed graphic undercover footage of intolerable cruelty in Asia used to produce fur products, where pets are even stolen for the trade.  Last year evidence was also released that products containing dog and cat fur were reaching well-known high-street retailers here in Australia.  Ms Verna Simpson, HSI Director said, “I am sure you find it as intolerable as we do that your new fur vest or collar could contain fur from someone's beloved pet!  The safest policy for shoppers is to avoid buying any fur products at all.”  Ms Simpson continued, “Our website now provides a comprehensive list of ethical retailers to help customers choose where to shop, and prevent them from unknowingly buying into such a cruel trade.  It’s wonderful news that Myer are now part of this movement.”

As the Government has failed to improve labelling laws to specify species of origin, it is impossible to know whether the product contains fur from a domestic cat or dog.  Fur is often mislabelled as rabbit, with no species specified at all, or even as faux fur, because the Asian markets are well aware that we are unlikely to buy fur from domestic pets.  But with the news that Myer have now pledged to sell no fur at all, customers can rest assured that they are safe to shop in any Myer store without inadvertently contributing towards severe animal cruelty.

Ms Simpson said, “The public response to this issue in the past has been overwhelming, attracting by far the largest outcry of all the animal causes HSI has ever championed. Australian consumers certainly don’t want dog and cat fur products and most Australian retailers do not want to be at risk of selling it.  We are delighted to have the support from Myer.  It is vital that the Minister intervenes and ensures the gaps allowing these illegal products onto the Australian market are closed immediately, and tighter labelling laws, to protect both consumers and retailers, must be enacted as soon as possible.” 

This is an important issue to hundreds of thousands of Australians but Border Protection has shown little interest.  Although dog and cat fur continues to breach our borders, they remain unmoved and in fact do not even have staff trained to identify the prohibited fur.  We would like to give you an update on how they plan to respond to the huge orders placed for the Australian market for 2013, but they have ceased correspondence.  In light of their inertia we would like to thank Myer for their support of cruelty free fashion and we will now work with the other retailers to encourage them to follow suit.


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