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11 October 2010 - HSI project partners rescue animals at Commonwealth Games      

HSI project partners rescue animals at Commonwealth Games

2 December 2010 

It seems the Commonwealth Games has attracted more than just human spectators.  The Games’ organising committee have had to address animal control emergencies in response to local wildlife inhabiting the Games village and proceedings. 

Fortunately, HSI Project partners, Wildlife SOS, have teamed up with the Games’ organising committee to ensure that all animal rescues for the Commonwealth Games are carried out in a humane way.

Wildlife SOS have set up an exclusive hotline to receive calls, and has four dedicated teams working closely with officials to coordinate and respond to animal rescues around the village.    

Recently, Wildlife SOS responded to calls to remove a group of stray dogs found in the village’s cycling track.  Wildlife SOS Animal Rescue Units worked all night to ensure the twelve dogs found were safely moved to the custody of an animal shelter run by NGO Friendicoes SECA.  On the same night, a call was received about a 3 foot long krait snake, which was reached within 15 minutes of the call.  Wildlife SOS has also attended to the rescue of birds and bats found in the stadiums and other venues.

Probably a first of its kind, where animals are given the kind treatment they deserve amidst unfortunate circumstances where wildlife crosses with Games operations.  HSI Director Verna Simpson said “We are so pleased that Wildlife SOS is involved in wildlife rescue operations at the Commonwealth Games as it gives us assurance they are in good hands.”  

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