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30 November 2015 - HSI media contacts at Paris Climate Change talks       

HSI media contacts at Paris Climate Change talks 

30 November 2015

Humane Society International (HSI) is continuing to campaign for an international climate change agreement that can effectively protect natural forests around the world and consequently significantly reduce global emissions and save global biodiversity.

HSI will be fully represented at the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris, France between November 30 to December 11 19 to 23, continuing to put our case for strong measures to retain and protect in-tact global rainforests as the world moves towards a Final Paris Agreement and associated Decision.

HSI will be represented at the Conference by climate change and biodiversity advisor Alistair Graham who has helped prepare an HSI Special Bulletin entitled, “Climate Change – Forest Carbon Counts Part 3”, making the case for significantly increased forest protection which is being distributed to many of the negotiators, scientists, NGOs and media before and during the UNFCCC meeting.  

This publication is the third of four parts that will be produced between now and after the Paris Agreement, explaining, as the Special Bulletin by-line suggests, “What’s needed from the Paris Agreement”.

The three most recent publications and four other HSI climate change Special Bulletins, entitled ‘Call for Truth in Targets’ Parts 1 – 4, tabled at previous UNFCCC meetings, can be found at www.hsi.org.au/go/to/25/climate-change

Alistair Graham will be available for comment/interviews during the entire conference, at the contact details below. Climate Change advisor Peg Putt is available for comment in Australia if Alistair Graham is unavailable. 


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