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9 August 2010 - Developed countries continue to avoid emissions reductions at UN climate change negotiations      

Developed countries continue to avoid emissions reductions at UN climate change negotiations

9 August 2010                        

Bonn, Germany – Objections to developed country proposals on increased logging rates and a loophole policy which would circumvent developed countries having to account for increased emissions from logging, continue to be pushed by the Ecosystems Climate Alliance (ECA) at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations this month. 

An accounting gap for developed countries would allow increased emissions from forest management for some years to come and be measured against a ‘reference level’ calculated from future levels of increased logging to produce paper, timber and energy.  Such actions clearly violate commitment under international climate change agreements to preserve forests.  

The ECA is pushing for negotiations on Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) to implement genuine emissions reductions, and are urging delegates to reject accounting measures which avoid forest conservation and weaken climate change agreement goals. 

At the pre-sessional workshop on “Forest Management Accounting” at the end of July,

Alistair Graham of the Humane Society International said, “The situation can be likened to a horse race in which the world is approaching the corner they must gallop around to successfully complete the race to prevent dangerous climate change, but the horse representing developed country logging rules has broken through the fence, tossed its rider and gotten stuck in a bog.”

“We need rules that honestly and transparently account for all emissions and that incentivize emissions reduction from logging, but instead rich developed nations willfully advance proposals that hide their intended emissions,” he said. 

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