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28 July 2010 - Coalition in reverse on marine bioregional planning      

Coalition in reverse on marine bioregional planning

28 July 2010          

HSI is disappointed at Tony Abbott’s announcement yesterday that if elected, the Coalition Government would put a freeze on the marine bioregional planning process.

This process, one that was instigated by the Howard Government, is essential to protect Australia’s unique marine environment. By suspending this process the Coalition Government is showing that it is not committed to conserving Australia’s marine environment.

“With only 5% of our oceans currently afforded highly protection, Australia’s existing commitment to establish a national network of Marine Protected Areas is an extremely important one” said Alexia Wellbelove, HSI Senior Program Manager. “We are concerned that backtracking on this commitment sends dangerous signals internationally as to Australia’s intent to protect its marine environment.”

HSI recently launched a report outlining the importance of protection for critical marine habitats for our threatened whales, dolphins and turtles.  The report Protecting Critical Marine Habitats: the key to conserving our threatened marine species can be downloaded from HSI’s website - http://bit.ly/dtAjX6

“A network of sanctuaries to protect feeding, breeding and nesting sites of whales, dolphins and turtles is an essential element of a long term government strategy to protect Australia’s marine life.  Any delay to the implementation of this network is of great concern,” said Alexia Wellbelove.

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