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8 November 2011 - Historic day for Australia's Environment      

Historic Day for Australias Environment

8 November, 2011                                                                                                       

Humane Society International (HSI) congratulated the Australian Parliament today on the passing of the historic carbon pricing legislation contained in the Government’s 18 Clean Energy Bills. 

While we have a number of reservations in regard to the Bills, such as the limited emission reduction targets and over-generous support for industry, the important thing is that Australia now has a national mechanism to price carbon,” said HSI Campaign Director, Michael Kennedy.

HSI has been at the forefront over many years in pushing for a carbon pricing mechanism that recognises the importance of protecting natural green carbon as a key element of Australia’s climate change and biodiversity conservation response.  The provisions in the legislation for emitters, particularly in the trading phase, to purchase green carbon offsets both within Australia and overseas along with the mechanism’s Biodiversity Fund are very welcome.

As the legislation is implemented we call on the Government to work actively and internationally to ensure as broad as possible recognition of Australia’s green carbon protection activities – such as reducing degradation of native vegetation,” said Rod Holesgrove, HSI’s Climate Change and Biodiversity Adviser.

HSI also urges the Government, under its climate change policy, to establish effective mechanisms for the protection of critically important green carbon contained within the natural rainforest of the Asia – Pacific Region,” said Mr Holesgrove.

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