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13 January 2010 - Whaling publicist put on notice over breach of Australian law      

Whaling publicist put on notice over breach of Australian law

13 January, 2010 

Lawyers acting for Humane Society International (HSI) have written to pro-whaling publicist Glenn Inwood to put him on notice that giving assistance to Japanese whale hunts in Australia’s Antarctic territorial waters is a breach of Australian law.

Media reports last week said Mr Inwood had undertaken surveillance flights from Australia to locate the whereabouts of the Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling protest vessel to help prevent the activists interrupting the whale hunt.

In January 2008 the Federal Court of Australia ordered Japanese whale hunts in Australia’s Antarctic territorial waters to be restrained by an injunction under Australian law. The whaling currently occurring in Australia’s Antarctic waters contravenes Australian law and is in contempt of the injunction.

Mr Inwood has been informed that activities that assist the Japanese whale hunt are in breach of Australian law and contravene the Federal Court injunction.

“Mr Inwood has been warned that he cannot expect to be able to come to Australia to help the whalers break Australian law without risk of legal consequences”, said HSI spokesperson Nicola Beynon.

HSI supports the calls for the Australian Government to launch its own case against Japan in the international courts for abusing their rights under international law with their bogus scientific whaling program. It was HSI lawyers who first outlined this case to the Australian government in 1999 – a case the Howard Government first threatened at the International Whaling Commission meeting in Adelaide in 2000.  “Procrastination by both the Howard and Rudd Governments over international court action against Japan over whaling has seen tens of thousands of whales killed. HSI looks forward to the Rudd Government commencing proceedings against Japan to bring an end to the annual slaughter”, said Ms Beynon.


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