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3 July 2012 - A Collective Voice for Consumers and Free Range Hens      

A Collective Voice for Consumers and Free Range Hens

3 July 2012


Humane Choice True Free Range would like to thank VoicelessAnimals Australia and the RSPCA for their unanimous support of our complaint that resulted in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) calling for public comment on the definition of free range eggs.

The opportunity to express concern or an opinion on the Australian Egg Corporation’s (AECL) proposal to increase layer hen stocking densities to a massive 20,000 birds per hectare closed yesterday.

“Until the ACCC stepped into this debate the consumer had been ignored on this issue.  They have now been given a voice and we believe it will be collectively a resounding vote against the AECL proposal,” said Lee McCosker, Chief Operating Officer of Humane Choice. “We anticipate thousands of responses will be delivered to the ACCC.”

Humane Choice brought to the attention of the ACCC the inequity of an application by AECL for a Certification Trademark that was currently before them in March last year.

“We asked the ACCC to reject the application not only because there had not been adequate consultation with all egg producers, but because the consumer stood to be misled by the term ‘free range’ if the application were to be successful, and stocking rates increased to intensive production levels,” said McCosker.

Animal welfare groups have worked together to help uphold this complaint and have been effective in distributing the information needed to help consumers have their say on what they expect from a carton of eggs labelled as ‘free range’.  


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