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15 June 2012 - Crocodile safari hunting plan must be rejected      

Crocodile safari hunting plan must be rejected

15 June 2012


The proposed introduction of crocodile safari hunting has alarmed Humane Society International (HSI), which remains opposed to the safari hunting of crocodiles.

The NT Government has repeatedly requested the introduction of crocodile safari hunting and this request has been repeatedly denied by successive Environment Ministers” said Alexia Wellbelove of Humane Society International. “Allowing crocodiles or any Australian native wildlife to be hunted for trophies and commercial gain is unacceptable and will damage Australia’s reputation.”

We do not consider there to be adequate animal welfare provisions included in the NT Government proposals” continued Ms Wellbelove “With money being the primary focus of the hunting, it is inevitable that cruelty will occur in as hunters attempt to kill as many crocodiles as possible. The Federal Environment Minister must therefore reject this proposal.”

Hunting native animals for pleasure and to bag a trophy is a practice that sickens most people.  Human attitudes to wildlife in Australia have advanced far beyond those associated with trophy hunting, and animal welfare rates highly as a matter of public concern.

HSI believes that crocodiles deserve to be protected, especially from cruelty likely from inaccurate and inexperienced hunters, which are likely to result in the unnecessary suffering of crocodiles.


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