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14 June 2012 - HSI welcomes marine reserve network      

HSI welcomes marine reserve network

14 June 2012


Humane Society International (HSI) today welcomed the announcement of a network of marine reserves around Australia’s coast.  In a major step forward, Australia will soon have the world’s largest network of marine parks, including the world’s largest marine park in the Coral Sea.

The establishment of a network of marine parks will provide long-awaited protection for threatened marine species,” said Alexia Wellbelove of Humane Society International.  “This is a good step forward in the protection of these threatened marine species, however much more needs to be done to protect the critical habitats vital for these species. HSI will continue to pursue this essential protection through all available options under state, national and international law.”

Critical habitats are the feeding, breeding and migratory areas vital to all species. The establishment of marine parks in critical habitats help provide a safe haven for threatened species, assisting in their recovery.

Species such as the Australian Sea Lion require much more direct action to protect them from one of the major threats facing their populations – gillnet fishing.  Despite this, gillnet fishing will be allowed under the proposed marine reserve network near sea lion colonies. 


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