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25 May 2012 - OFarrell Governments Green Reputation Shattered      

O’Farrell Government’s Green Reputation Shattered

25 May 2012


The announcement that recreational hunters will be allowed into NSW national parks is a fundamental
breach of trust by Barry O’Farrell with the electorate, the CEOs of five key national and state
environment groups said today.

It’s only taken a little over a year for the government to begin dismantling our conservation heritage
with a dirty deal with the Shooters Party so that they can pass their electricity privatisation law.

The Premier has repeatedly assured the public that he would not allow hunting in national parks.

Today, he broke that promise.

Yesterday, his government announced a proposal to weaken our state’s land clearing laws.

What will tomorrow hold?

· fast track approvals for mines and coal seam gas fields?
· removing community participation rights in development decisions?
· weakening laws to conserve threatened species?
· winding back protection for wilderness areas?
· failure to grow recycling?

We call on the community to contact their local MPs to express their alarm at the Premier’s actions,
and call on government to take urgent action to restore its environmental credibility.


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