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29 September 2011 - HSI launches photo exhibit to celebrate World Animal Day       

HSI launches photo exhibit to celebrate World Animal Day

29 September 2011                                            

HSI today launched a series of photos, on exhibition at Sydney’s Customs House, designed to celebrate World Animal Day. The Exhibition can be found in the Customs House Library on Level One, 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay.

The posters, featuring a dingo, green turtle, orangutan, harp seal, humpback whale, African elephant, sloth bear, tiger and gorilla, showcase stunning images of these animals, but also have a more serious message as they aim to highlight the threats facing these species.

The green turtle is an example of an animal that has suffered extensive declines across all major oceans in recent decades and as a result they are endangered around the world. Green turtles are exposed not only when they come onshore to lay their eggs on beaches, but also in our oceans as they are caught and killed by fisheries. In addition, the degradation of the turtle’s habitat both on land and at sea is of real concern to scientists working to try to help the green turtle recover in numbers.

Our iconic animals face many threats both on land and at sea” said Michael Kennedy, a Director of Humane Society International. “World Animal Day is an important opportunity to highlight these threats, and HSI will continue to work to ensure the dangers facing our animals are reduced and these amazing animals given the protection they deserve.”

Mr. Kennedy concluded that, “If these animals are to survive, their habitats remain viable, and humans are to benefit from essential ecosystem services, then governments must act to stop the ongoing loss of wildlife – they are not doing anywhere near enough at the present moment.”

HSI’s exhibition at Sydney’s Customs House will be on display from September 29th to October 17th. The Exhibition can be found in the Customs House Library on Level One, 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay. World Animal Day takes place on 4th October each year.

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