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31 May 2012 - The countdown begins the Gillard Government to destroy national environment laws      

The countdown begins - the Gillard Government to destroy national environment laws Shooters and Fishers Party will Reap Benefits

31 May 2012


Michael Kennedy, Campaign Director for Humane Society International (HSI) stated today that “With the announcement yesterday by Premier Barry O’Farrell that he will amend the necessary legislation to allow hunters into 79 protected areas in New South Wales, we are given a taste of what will happen to the environment across the country if the Gillard Government proceeds with its plan to devolve environmental powers to the states and territories.”

The announcements by Premier O’Farrell and the plans by Prime Minister Julia Gillard are both unimaginably serious assaults upon the maintenance of ecosystems in this country.

Mr Kennedy continued, “In the immediate case of NSW, hunters in truth represent an immense threat to national parks and nature reserves, and ARE NO PART of a conservation management solution.  They are far more likely to take pigs into the park than they are to take pigs out.  Hunters will seed parks with ferals for their own recreational purposes and cause further, not less, environmental damage.  Government management experts know full well that private shooting in national parks is NOT an effective way to control feral animals.  The Shooters Party has long-demonstrated a hatred for the existence of national parks, and yet for the sake of political expedience, the NSW Premier has allowed this environmental travesty to occur.

The public of Australia use these parks and reserves to seek peace and quiet in escaping the everyday pressures of life, to enjoy the solitude and the plants and animals that are owned by them, and which Governments are supposed to protect on the public’s behalf.  This announcement breaks that trust and responsibility and places the public in danger from bullies with guns.  What will the Premier say when the first member of the public is wounded or killed?

Mr Kennedy concluded, “Premier O’Farrell must rescind this announcement, Prime Minister Gillard must curtail her plans to destroy our national environment laws, and Minister Tony Burke should “call-in” Premier O’Farrell’s proposal under the auspices of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999 (EBPC). These parks and reserves include National Heritage and World Heritage places, and are replete with Federally listed threatened species and threatened ecological communities.  Minister Burke must call this proposal in as soon as possible and subject it to a full EPBC environmental review”.


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