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8 August 2011 - Record Public Support Registered For S-W Marine Sanctuaries      

Record Public Support Registered For S-W Marine Sanctuaries

8 August 2011

More than 35,000 public submissions in support of marine sanctuaries – the largest amount of public support ever recorded for marine protection in Australia – have been lodged with Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke over a proposed plan for the country’s south west waters.

On the final day of public consultation, community and environment groups have confirmed the record number of submissions, which were generated online and via postal comments.

The Save Our Marine Life alliance of 11 leading environment groups said the public has demonstrated its overwhelming support for sanctuaries and urged Mr Burke to create a lasting legacy for Australia’s South West.

SOML spokesperson  Nicola Beynon from Humane Society International said the concern of marine scientists across Australia that the government’s proposed plan did not go far enough to protect marine life had motivated many people to express their concern and also support for a network of marine sanctuaries.

“There is no longer any doubt that marine sanctuaries are the missing piece of the puzzle to manage our oceans for the future and to ensure marine life such as the blue whale, Australian sea lions, and fish stocks remain healthy,” Ms Beynon said.

Public opinion research has also found high levels of support for marine sanctuaries.

In May this year, leading market research company Patterson Market Research found that six out of 10 Western Australians who regularly fish believe marine life is in decline and an even greater number, 72 per cent, support the creation of marine sanctuaries off the cost to protect fish stocks and other marine life.

More than 180 marine scientists from Australia and internationally last week wrote to Mr Burke to outline the scientific evidence and urge him to create a network of marine sanctuaries in the South West, in key locations including Geographe Bay, the Perth Canyon, the Great Australian Bight, Kangaroo Island and the Abrolhos Islands.

Former Australians of the Year have also written to Mr Burke to raise their concerns about the government's proposed plan for the South West. Ian Kiernan, Prof Tim Flannery, Dr Fiona Wood and Dick Smith support the creation of large marine sanctuaries to safeguard fish stocks and other unique marine life for the future.

Support for marine sanctuaries in WA is also widespread. Eleven prominent Western Australians, including businesswoman Janet Holmes à Court, basket ball star Luc Longley, author Ben Elton, celebrity chefs Anna Gare and Ian Parmenter joined together to publish full page advertisements to express their support for marine life to be protected in sanctuaries.

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