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8 July 2011 - HSI celebrates successful 5 year Bali Starling project      

HSI celebrates successful 5 year Bali Starling project

8 July 2011

On July 10th Humane Society International (HSI) and Indonesian project partner, the Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF), celebrate the 5th anniversary of releasing the first Bali Starlings (Leucopsar rothschildi) onto the island of Nusa Penida, located 14 kilometers southeast of Bali, as part of the Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary Project.

FNPF has worked very closely for many years with the leaders of Nusa Penida to apply a traditional Balinese village regulation (awig awig) to protect all birds.  As a result, the threat of poaching and bird trading was effectively eliminated and the entire island transformed into a unique bird sanctuary. HSI contributed to this conservation success through the purchase of a 13 acre rainforest block, (now a part of HSI’s Wildlife Land Trust program), and where the Bali Starling now breeds freely.

In contrast to several unsuccessful attempts to restore the highly threatened Bali Starling numbers in the West Bali National Park, numbers have thrived on Nusa Penida with more than 100 of the birds now living and breeding in the wild on the island.  FNPF releases a further 10 Bali Starlings each year, sourced from a variety of certified breeders to increase the genetic diversity of the population.

This distinctively Balinese approach to conservation and community development continues to be a success, and to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the project FNPF will release 100 threatened Java Sparrows (Padda oryzivorai), near extinct in Bali due to poachers and pesticide use, onto the island.

HSI’s Wildlife Land Trust (WLT)* is now funding a broader conservation education program  in cooperation with FNPF, supporting educational and ceremonial activities of 41 villages on Nusa Penida, where regular discussions with village heads has facilitated a unified effort to maintain the island’s important biodiversity

HSI representatives will be attending the ceremony, with photos available after the event.


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