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7 July 2011 - Ban lifted without warrant, animal cruelty allowed to continue      

Ban lifted without warrant, animal cruelty allowed to continue

7 July 2011


Humane Society International (HSI) is extremely disappointed at Minister Ludwig’s decision to lift the ban on live cattle export to Indonesia, especially in light of the recent ALP resolution:

Caucus calls for the immediate cessation of live cattle exports to Indonesia until all slaughter houses receiving Australian cattle comply with international OIE standards, encouraging the use of stunning and requiring ongoing independent monitoring. (June 14, 2011 Federal Parliamentary Labor Party Caucus)

The Minister is clearly bowing to intense industry pressures and failing to address the issue as a whole.  Meanwhile, he sacrifices the welfare of thousands of cattle while continuing to shock the majority of Australian who do not support this trade,”  HSI Director Verna Simpson stated. 

The ban was instated as a result of the government requiring time to properly assess and rectify all scopes of matter.  The Senate referred the improvements in animal welfare for Australian live cattle exports for inquiry and report.  The reporting date is August 25th yet Minister Ludwig has impetuously lifted the ban,” Ms. Simpson further explained.

Minister Ludwig has lifted the ban on condition that abattoirs used meet agreed World Animal Health (OIE) guidelines and international standards.

Our concern is that the Minister has provided no guarantee that slaughter without stunning [in most cases for ritual slaughter] will not occur,” Director Verna Simpson stated. “World leading expert in animal behavior, Professor Temple Grandin, explains that research agrees that throat-cutting without stunning does not induce instantaneous unconsciousness.

Whilst the Minister promises OIE standards will be met, they are no longer the utmost in representing animal welfare standards.  Many countries go above and beyond the OIE, and many more are now banning ritual slaughter,” Ms. Simpson explained.

HSI supports the continued ban of live trade to Indonesia and the announcement of an end date for live animal exports.


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