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23 April 2012 - BeCrueltyFree Campaign Launches To End Cosmetics Testing on Animals      

'Be Cruelty-Free' Campaign Launches To End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

23 April 2012


Humane Society International/Australia, Choose Cruelty-Free and Humane Research Australia have launched the largest-ever global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics — Be Cruelty-Free. Worldwide, the campaign is being launched from HSI offices in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, and in partnership with The Humane Society of the United States, with outreach programmes in several developing cosmetics markets. Be Cruelty-Free will be a truly global and formidable force for change, and aims to create the consumer awareness and political momentum needed to achieve a worldwide end to animal testing for beauty and personal care products. 

Verna Simpson, director of Humane Society International, Australia:

“Causing sentient creatures pain and suffering for the sake of new make-up or perfume cannot be justified and must come to a worldwide end. Humane Society International’s ‘Be Cruelty-Free’ campaign will play an instrumental role in ending this suffering by calling on consumers, lawmakers and companies around the world to look to their conscience and do the right thing and create a cruelty-free world where no animal has to suffer and die for cosmetics.”

Such testing is already banned in Europe, and a further ban on the sale of cosmetics that have been newly tested on animals in other parts of the world is expected to come into effect in March 2013. In Australia, little or no cosmetics animal testing is currently licensed, but there is no legal ban preventing animal testing in the future, and products tested on animals overseas are still sold in shops throughout the country.

Liz Jackson, Choose Cruelty Free:

Choose Cruelty Free is very excited to be part of this important global campaign, and we look forward to working with HSI and Humane Research Australia. People think animal testing is a thing of the past, but countless animals are still forced to endure horrific suffering for cosmetics testing. Choose Cruelty Free has been pressuring the Australian Government for a number of years to introduce legislation prohibiting the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. Hundreds of thousands of consumers have already sent messages to our government, making it clear they do not want blood on their hands. We are confident the new campaign will be supported by all caring Australians.”

Be Cruelty-Free is launching with national petitions to end cosmetics testing online at Be Cruelty-Free Petition with other actions to follow. HSI’s cosmetics testing campaign in Europe has received support from global celebrities such as Leona Lewis, Ricky Gervais, Spice Girl Melanie C, Sir Roger Moore and Dame Judi Dench.

Cosmetics can easily be produced without animal testing by using the thousands of existing ingredients for which safety data are already available, and through the use of advanced non-animal testing methods such as 3D human skin and other sophisticated cellular and computer models. 


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