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29 February 2012 - Australian Government ineffective in dealing with live export trade      

Australian Government ineffective in dealing with live export trade

29 February 2012

Despite the Australian Government’s assurances, changes to the live export trade are not working and cattle are still suffering in Indonesian abattoirs.

Processes that have been put into place to ensure the welfare of our exported cattle through the supply chain have already failed.  Footage of this latest cruelty has shocked and saddened those that had put their faith in the government’s promises of a transparent and traceable system that should have been able to ensure our cattle were treated humanely.

Australian livestock industries have proven time and time again that they are just not capable of self-regulation.  Without monitoring of this situation by animal welfare groups, this appalling cruelty would not have be discovered even under new standards and guidelines.

The Government’s attempts to placate the Australian public have been exposed as ineffective, and the concerns about animal welfare are not taken seriously by the countries Australia exports to.

Animal welfare is not measured by what you can get away with.  It is demonstrated by integrity, transparency and genuine empathy for the animals in our care.

HSI has once again called for an immediate end to the live export trade.


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