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15 June 2011 - HSI calls on Federal MPs to call for a conscience vote on ending live trade      

HSI calls on Federal MPs to call for a conscience vote on ending live trade

June 15th 2011                                                          

Humane Society International (HSI), one of the world’s largest conservation and animal welfare organisations, has written to all Federal Members of Parliament urging them to call for a conscience vote when Bills to end live farm animal exports are introduced into Parliament next week.

The Live Animal Export Restriction and Prohibition Bill 2011 and the Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill 2011, submitted by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie, Senator Nick Xenophon and by the Australian Greens, are due to be heard next Monday 20th June.

HSI is very supportive of the introduction of legislation that will see an end date for all live animal exports from Australia,” said HSI’s Director Verna Simpson.Only a total ban on the export of all live animals from Australia to any country will ensure that the level of animal welfare, that the Australian public clearly demands, will be achieved”.

While congratulating the Australian Government on implementing the immediate suspension on exports to Indonesia so as to ensure no additional animals leave Australia for the time being, HSI remains concerned for the thousands of Australian cattle currently awaiting slaughter in Indonesian abattoirs and the Government must act immediately to ensure that the welfare of these animals is assured. HSI is calling on the Australian Government to send suitably qualified and independent inspectors to Indonesia as a matter of urgency to ensure the ongoing welfare of the Australian cattle that remain in Indonesian feed lots and abattoirs. 

Implementing an end to live animal exports offers Australia a tremendous opportunity to become a world leader in best practice animal welfare, as well as provides the enormous potential to create jobs here at home for humane slaughter and export of frozen meat products,” Ms Simpson stated. 

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